The Divorce Lawyer Beaverton Turns To…

When you said “I do” you meant it… things changed. When you’re faced with deciding to divorce, or have been served divorce papers, it’s an emotional situation. Working with an experienced divorce attorney will ensure that you’re protecting what’s important to you.

The Carlson Law Group, based in Beaverton, Oregon, has represented clients in divorce proceedings since the early 1970s. Our team of divorce attorneys has the experience, understanding and compassion that will make the process and the transition in your life as smooth as possible. If children are involved, we’ll work with you to advocate for the child custody and/or child support that you desire to move forward with your life.

Splitting up is never easy, even under the most amicable circumstances. The Carlson Law Group will provide counsel you can count on and offer the peace of mind that your rights and needs are well served throughout the process.

Divorce… What You Can Expect if You Are Initiating Proceedings

Initiating the Process – From the time that you meet with us, and decide to go forward, it generally takes about 10 days to two weeks to draft a petition for dissolution, the certificate of residency, Vital Statistics information, and if necessary, a Temporary Protective Order. After the Petition is filed, the opposing party — your spouse, called the Respondent — is then served by a process server, or voluntarily accepts service.

After this, the time will vary depending upon the circumstances and which county you live in. If terms of the divorce are agreed upon, and there are no children, the parties can enter a Stipulated Judgment. The marriage is dissolved when the court signs the judgment.

If there are children involved, both parties are required to take a parenting class that emphasizes the child’s best interests through a parenting plan.

After the parenting classes are completed, the parties can enter a Stipulated Judgment in which both parties sign the Judgment that they have agreed to the terms. If a Stipulated Judgment is signed, the court will waive the ninety-day waiting period.

If the parties do not agree, then the Respondent files a Response, and the matter is set for trial.

If the opposing party does not take any action within thirty days, the filing party can take a default judgment against the non-responsive party, and ask the court for terms consistent with those terms set out in the Petition. There is a ninety-day waiting period from the time of service before the court has the jurisdiction by statute to sign a Judgment of Dissolution. The court may waive the ninety-day waiting period if the court determines that there are sufficient emergency circumstances or cause to do so.

If a Response is filed, the following things occur before trial: you can file a motion with the court to grant exclusive use of the marital residence, temporary support, custody and parenting time. These motions can be heard by the court in about four weeks.

There will also be an exchange of financial information between the parties, called “discovery.” There is a minimum amount of financial information which is statutorily required, in addition to other information which the other side might request. Gathering and reviewing the financial information is as simple or complex as your individual finances and assets require.

In summary, the time frame for a divorce usually runs from four to twelve months.

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