Divorce – Be Careful What You Bargain For

Going through the dissolution of your marriage (or divorce) is usually a tough process for most married persons and/or domestic partners. One finds themselves having to make some tough life decisions whilst trying to find a common ground for difficult issues such as child custody, parenting rights, division of real and personal property, as well as child and spousal support. The terms and conditions of the dissolution may seem simple at first, especially when the adults involved in the dissolution have mutually agreed to the terms. However, even in situations where the parties remain amicable and dedicated to a reasonable and uncontested divorce, there are matters that are consistently overlooked or under-analyzed. In addition, terms that may seem completely reasonable at the time, may eventually become unreasonable down the road, for one or both parties, based on an unforeseen change in economic circum stances. This was the situation in a recent Oregon Court of Appeals decision, published on June 7, 2017.  In Sheil and Sheil, [...]