The Law and Discrimination = Wild Territory. You Need A Workshop.

ESSENTIAL EMPLOYMENT TRAINING:  DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT The Carlson Law Group is training employees and executives/supervisors in harassment and discrimination law at the Oregon State Bar in Tigard, Oregon. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and court decisions indicate employers face significant liability if they fail to train all employees in all aspects of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Oregon courts, like federal courts, consider evidence of training and proper investigations an essential defense for employers in harassment and discrimination lawsuits. The workshop for employees will run for 90 minutes and will cost $100 per person; the executive/supervisors portion will last for an additional 50 minutes and cost $195 per person. Executives and supervisors must attend the general employee workshop and stay for another hour to participate in executive training.   THE WORKSHOP IS SCHEDULED FOR FRIDAY APRIL 26, 2019 AM FROM 9 AM – 11:30 AM AT THE OREGON STATE BAR. The training will run from 9 – 10:30 am for employees, and 9-11:30 am for executives.  [...]