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The Carlson Law Group

Doing the things you need to do to make yourself rich, happy and successful. On the surface it’s pretty straightforward.

However, we live in a complex world. Things happen. When they do, having a team of experienced attorneys on your side, who place your best interests at the forefront of everything they do, will provide the peace of mind you need to move forward.

If you live in Beaverton or the Portland, Oregon metro area and are searching for a law firm that will truly listen to your concerns and guide you through whatever legal maze you’re faced with, look no further than The Carlson Law Group. Our attorneys are focused on you. Our practical bottom-line approach places the focus where it should be: on YOU, the client. Our goal is to solve your legal problems and decrease the risk and impact of future problems, helping you become rich, happy and successful.

Since 1974, The Carlson Law Group and its predecessor firms have served individuals and businesses throughout the Portland metro area. Our attorneys advise and advocate in matters of Business and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Bankruptcy and Criminal Law. Because of our size and experience, we are able to spend the time and understand your case far better than the larger law firms. This focus on detail translates into the exceptional advocacy for which we are known. Give us the opportunity to get to know you and guide you in your legal matters.

Call The Carlson Law Group today at 503.352.8107 to schedule your initial consultation!

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